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Running groups and clubs in the UK

Trail running has seen an explosion in popularity in the last few years. Somewhat due to covid maybe, and the urge to get outside and see som greenery after extended periods being “locked up”? Regardless of the reasons, it’s good for the sport, and great for the individuals physical and mental wellbeing.

More and more groups and clubs are popping up across the country each month meaning lists like this risk being outdated as they are published! Having said that, it’s useful to be able to find likeminded people in the local area. For most of us it’s easier to start something when there is some kind of social support to provide help, guidance and company.

Here is a list of a few clubs or groups in some of our major cities:

  1. London:
  2. Birmingham:
  3. Glasgow:
  4. Liverpool:
  5. Bristol:
  6. Manchester:
  7. Sheffield:
  8. Leeds:
  9. Edinburgh:
  10. Cardiff:

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